Our Dogs Can Be Over-Protective

Most  people want dogs for protection but having a dog who is overprotective can be very frustrating.  Most times, we are the cause of our dog being over protective. We fail to notice this issue until they become a big problem.

When your dog try and keep people or dogs away from you, or even when they always want to be on your lap, or is always getting in your space. These,and many more can be signs of an overprotective dog. You may take it as them showing affection but they are not. These dogs believes you are their property and they are the leader. But whatever is the reason your dog’s overprotective behaviour developed, it’s something you need to find solution to now because if left unchecked, it can lead to more serious aggression.

How is this behaviour created?

I told us before that our dog being jealous or overprotective is mostly caused by us. This behaviour is mostly learned.  Let me show you how

  • Rewarding bad behaviour : Dog’s by nature are reward driven, your dog exhibits various behaviour but most times, they only stick with the ones that they are being rewarded for. We reward our dogs for bad behaviour without realizing it. Remember, rewards to your dog isn’t always giving treats but also showing affection, praise and many more.
  • Lack of socialization and supervision :  Every time we talk about a dog’s behaviour, socialization must be mentioned. Without proper socialization, our dogs may lack the understanding of how they should politely interact with people and other dogs. Dog owners must provide consistent supervision, leadership and guidance where their dog behaviour is concerned . dogs needs to be shown which behaviour is acceptable. If you haven’t being watchful and corrective, they will assume they are doing the right thing.
  • Accepting the behaviour:  some owners think a dog being over protective is a good thing. They reward the dog when they bark or growl at anyone that walks up to them. We must understand the difference between being protective and being overprotective.
  • Lack of rules:  when we let our dog do whatever they like without setting any rules, then we should be ready for the consequences.  When your dog sees himself as the leader of the pack, they overprotect you and your property because they assume it is theirs.

Correcting this behaviour

An overprotective dog already sees himself as the leader, so the best way to stop it is to become the leader. Your dog needs to see you as the leader. You should set rules, boundaries and limitations.

Get your dog trained in obedience, corrective and so on. If you can’t handle this training yourself, i can get you a good dog trainer. Use the contact page and i would always be happy to assist.  We shouldn’t also forget socialization. It is a very important key to correcting this behaviour.

Finally, don’t just give your dog affection for no reason. Always make sure they have earned it(when they have done the right thing). Showing too much love and affection to your dog is the major cause of dog being  overprotective.


From an early stage, it is important your dog understands that you are the leader of the pack. That is the first step to making sure they don’t end up being over protective. I have seen a dog attack someone just because they shared a hug with their owner. Dogs should not be encouraged to become overprotective of its owners as this may translate into aggression and biting. Ensure proper socialization, training of your dog. And don’t forget to set rules too.

I would love to hear your questions, comments and stories regarding this topic. It could be of help to someone currently facing this problem.

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