Dog’s Basic Needs

As a dog owner,  you are responsible for the well being of your dog.  All dogs are different, each breeds has their special needs so you should take out time to read about the breed before you get a dog or even after getting one. I have prepared several basic needs that are common among all dogs.  Please if you are not prepared or able to cater for these needs, you should avoid getting a dog.

               WHAT YOU NEED


A health and balanced diet is a fundamental part of basic dog needs. Feeding your dog with human food is actually not a good idea because it may not contain all important nutrient your dog actually need and can also contain dangerous substance that can probably be harmful to your dog. Do some research on premium dog food with high quality ingredients. Speak with your veterinarian about healthy dog food.


Yes your dog deserve a place or space they can call their own even if they stay inside or outside the house. It can either be a kennel, crate or even a bed so long as it is theirs alone and it is comfortable.  It should be a safe, quiet place and out of direct sunlight.


Dogs are so full of energy and without proper exercise, these energy can be channelled into destroying things. Take your dogs for long walks at least once a day. It keeps your dog happy, smart and healthy.


Every dog needs basic grooming.  From time to time, your dog should have their hair brushed, nails clipped, teeth brushed and a good should make it fun for your dogs. That way, they would always be prepared for the next one. It is also a great way to bond with your dog.


Every dog should visit a vet for check-up at least once or twice a year. Always make sure your dog’s vaccines are up to date. To be on a safe side, have a good relationship with a veterinarian and communicate with him/her regularly.


Our dogs love to learn and a proper training is important to your dog’s quality of life. There are various training programmes, choose the one that works for you and your dog. There are videos on youtube about dog training, if you may not have the time, there are classes withe good dog trainer you could enrol your dog into to get them well trained. 

    You must also teach your dog to know that you are the leader of the pack. Reward good behaviours only and humanly correct misbehaviour.  Always be consistent in these things and with time,you will see positive results .


One of the most important needs is to have a special  bond with your dog and that can be achieved by having good quality time with your dog. Dog needs love, affection and the chance to play with you. But we must be careful about spending too much time with them because the dog may not understand how to be alone and this can lead to separation anxiety.


It is proper to socialize your dog if you plan to have a good and happy dog. In other words, you have to introduce your dog to other dogs, people and the general surroundings.  This is to avoid aggression or fear in dogs.


Everyone needs water and you must make sure your dog has access to clean water at all times especially in a hot day. Staying without water for hours can lead to dire circumstances.


we shouldn’t forget to have a collar with a tag. This has saved a lot of people from loosing their dogs.  Whenever you are in doubts about your dog’s basic needs, ask your vet for advice.

   If you have a problem with locating a good trainer or you have any questions about the basic needs of your dog please send me a message through the contact section , comment section or through any of my social media platforms and i would certainly be happy to help you.

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