Getting a new dog is not all about what breed you like, it is deciding whether a dog is right for you. The first question you should ask yourself is “ am i actually ready for a dog?”  it is essential that you understand the needs of dogs and also the cost of owning one. Let’s look at some tips to help you choose the right dog.         

  Tips for choosing the right dog

Dog size

When considering the size of a dog, we should also relate it to where we live. If you live in a very small apartment, it won’t be wise to have a giant size dog because movements inside the house becomes an issue. Subsequently if you have a very large house with a very big play ground, it may be difficult to keep track of a small dog who goes outside unguarded. We should also know that small dogs are more vulnerable, they can be more sensitive to temperature change. Another thing to consider is the Expenses. The larger the dog, the more food they consume.

Activity level

All dogs have different energy level so knowing the amount of time you can take your dog out for exercise determines the type of dog you should get. Remember that all dogs needs routine exercise regardless of its size or breed. Many behaviour problem are as a result of excess energy. so if you know you cannot spend so much time in taking your dogs for walk at least twice a day, then you should probably be better off with a lower energy dog like the basset hound, Bulldog, chow chow etc. If you are looking for a dog that is so full of energy and can be a jogging partner, then you probably should consider the BORDER COLLIE.

Physical maintenance

All dogs require basic grooming but for some, its even more because of their type of hair.  Typically, the more hair a dog has, the more grooming required per week. Again, certain type of dog can do a lot of drooling. Example is the MASTIFF.

The Mastiff

There is either a pure breed or a mixed breed dog. Whichever of these type of dog you need, It is proper to do a research on them to know the potential challengers with temperament, health related issues, grooming needs and also make sure they fit into your family’s lifestyle. They are common beliefs with both type of dogs but whichever dog  you like, it is always proper to do a research on them. When i was getting a dog for the first time, i loved the bullmastiff but i finally got the German shepherd. I had to make sure it was what i wanted at the time by doing lots of research. I know it is a family dog, very intelligent, so full of energy and loves to play which was exactly what i needed at that time.


When choosing a dog, do not make any rush decisions. Take your time, think it through, do a proper research and even ask questions from people with the particular dog of choice. A very important part of getting a dog, is making sure you can take care of their needs. I am here to help you make the right decision. Follow me on my social media page under this post, send messages and don’t forget to use the comment session.

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